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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Would you believe - 200 protesters?

Tens of thousands to take to Sydney’s streets calling for action on global warming

Even though the day started out rainy and cloudy, thousands rallied their support for the climate movement.

Some 200 climate change activists have rallied in central Sydney to protest against the government's emissions trading scheme (ETS), blocking traffic as they marched through CBD streets calling for tougher action.

UPDATE: Link fixed.


Boy on a bike said...

Pass me the shoe phone.

blogstrop said...

The actual change in the climate recently (ie no warming, signs of cooling) is a real threat to this sub-species. The decline in numbers may not be reversible.

Anonymous said...

global warming support is cooling

Egg said...

Global Warming is no longer 'cool'?

Nilk said...

Happy birthday, Margos. Even bolta's noticed.


Anonymous said...

'2009' link is broken!

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph news for 2009:,,25491764-5001028,00.html