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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathurst, how it should be

From a time when competing cars looked different, there were no draconian alcohol restrictions, and the only ethanol being consumed was being drunk by spectators...and most of all, there was Peter Brock...

Is it just me, or was the Bathurst car race - which is on today - much more interesting in the 1970s?


kae said...

A two horse race is pretty boring.

I preferred the old production car races, at least I could see my car racing - a mini, and other cars I liked and might drive. There's no way on earth that I'd be driving one of those huge Fords or Holdens.

These days it's just a race between "the blue oval" and the other mob.

The ethanol thing is annoying, too. It's touted to save the environment (and the cane farmers), but it makes the cars less efficient - they use more fuel so any savings are moot.
Being forced to put the ethanol fuel into my private vehicle really grates.

kae said...

in 1986 my friends and I smuggled a few bottles of spirits onto the hill...