Our mission

Are you that special person who - weary from trudging the endless superhighways - just longs to camp next to a glorious oasis of the mind? Do you desire to explore new frontiers, splash in shared ideas, fill your belly with the refreshing fruits of inspiration, and bask in the gentle rays of fond reflection?

Well, you can fuck right off. This, my friends, is not that place. This place is... The ShadowLands.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The ShadowLands is about to undergo a major change, and you can expect an announcement within about a week. To prepare for the change, and to practice speaking posh, we are taking a few days off...

In the meantime:

* Park this boat (use your arrow keys and follow the directions to safe harbour).

* How to win a peace prize and accept the award graciously.

* Run along the rooftops, and use the space bar to jump when you need to.

* Cool - it's the piano stairs.

* Still here? Try some lightning pool.


blogstrop said...

You've been recruited by the "Double Bay Digest" or the "Toorak Times"?

kae said...


WV: musnot

mus not wot?

Minicapt said...

Menopause: the period of time between putting down the previous beer and picking up the new one.


Carpe Jugulum said...

"The ShadowLands is about to undergo a major change"

Can i have a hint???? mmmmmmm, don't make me beg, it degrades me as a man.

bingbing said...

Change? Obama with do a guest post?

bingbing said...

Er, "will".

Cripes, and only my first drink, too.