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Friday, October 9, 2009

Passing shadows

* If you wanted to keep your nation's lesbian kingdom a secret, what would you do? Deny its very existence, of course - just like those secretive Swedes.

* Now this is what we call a real prankster.

* Measured reactions from the Obama Grass Roots forum supporters to winning and losing.

* So, Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the inventor of the doughnut burger gets nothing?

* If you were transported 2000 years back in time, how useful would you be in explaining technological advancements? The truth is, we would not be very useful at all, however we did manage 7 out of 10 in the technology quiz.


Boy on a bike said...

Hell, I scored 10! Must have remembered some basic high school chemistry.

That donut burger looks like the kind of thing I should eat before a long ride.

Freddy said...

Nothing is capable of making a bigger mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize than the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously is this some kind of joke? He has done nothing of substance since assuming office than making everyone who voted for him regret it.

Over 200 nominees for the prize and this is the winner? What a sham.

Anonymous said...


"He has done nothing of substance since assuming office"

Are you implying that he had done anything BEFORE he was elected?