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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Passing shadows

* Looks like a weekend of harsh rationing for visitors to the Bathurst car races - only 24 cans of beer per person allowed each day. Where are the human rights activists when you need them?

* Internet people working stuff out (you'll need to sidestep the advertisement).

* Definitive proof, if it were needed, that 911ers are whackjobs - thanks minicapt.

* Creepy stories from motel workers.


Boy on a bike said...

24 cans per person per day?

Aarrrggh! The nanny state has truly arrived.

(I bought some Sapporo cans recently - they are 650ml. Does it say anything about size of can?)

splice said...

Creepy stories from motel workers.

Motel workers are people too, Maid!

When the tent pegs hammer down and the rubber hits the road, we’re all here for the show!