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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Reverse Retard Index™ right again

Once again, The ShadowLands' Reverse Retard Index (RRI)™ has accurately forecast Australia's economic future.

In July, our economics correspondent John Butler, confidently asserted that Australia's economic recovery would be a piece of cake. Mr Butler simply looked at assertions by the Prime Minister that Australia's economy was in for a bumpy ride and applied the RRI™.

Now the latest unemployment figures are in and the RRI™ is right again.

In fact, all of Butler's predictions from October 2008, including his radical prediction that unemployment would not exceed 7 per cent, are holding up. Compare and contrast the success of the RRI™ with Goldman Sachs JBWere, Merrill Lynch and Access Economics.

Mr Butler says that RRI™ predictions for 2010 will become available before the end of the year, but for the time being, just wants people to stop hassling him.


kae said...

Question Margos', where's your question?

Tonight's panellists
Germaine Greer - feminist author and commentator
Todd Sampson - the Gruen Transfer's Ad-Man
Belinda Neal - Labor Party MP
Cory Bernardi - Liberal Party backbencher
Janet Albrechtsen - opinion columnist

Boy on a bike said...

Flannery was in the paper again today, raving on about biodiversity. Using your RRI, Australia is about to be over run with new species.