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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life's good

As we always say, even a bad day baiting hippies is better than a good day at work. (See comments over here. NB, You will probably need to click on "Show more comments".)

Readers of the ShadowLands are more than welcome to join in, though you need to have a login.

UPDATE: Just when we were beginning to get somewhere, comments closed - bastards!


Col. Milquetoast said...

Hi margos,
The smh site may be incompetently run, I kept getting an error when I tried to sign up. Could you post this on my behalf :

I too disagree with margos maid.

Request French, American and Russian nuclear submarines (we ought to keep this as carbon neutral as possible) to patrol the waters around Tasmania and forcibly prohibit any transport of people or goods to or from Tasmania. Usher the people of Tasmania into quaint carbon neutral tracts of land where they can live a life free of any consumerism, make what they need with their own hands and live in peace and harmony with nature. Perhaps they could grow hemp. Admittedly, these areas will need to be fenced in to prevent them from despoiling their surroundings (or any nearby sheep).

This Tasmanian preserve could be considered a carbon offset so people in Sydney can continue doing burnouts with their V8s.

Or the government could sell the land and those interested can buy the land, preserve it, manage it, and plant even more trees (and hopefully stop whining and pouting). As an owner (or as part of an owner's organization) they would surely manage the land better and more to their interests than Forestry Tasmania.

Margo's Maid said...

Outstanding work, Colonel.

My login was very finnicky also - I will see what I can do, but my latest comment has not appeared. Maybe the moderators have quit for the day.

Boy on a bike said...

You can try this one too.