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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Affirmative action lauded

REUTERS: Malawian boy, Ntongo Banda (pictured) has welcomed news that Madonna is to open an all girls school in his country.

"Affirmative action is one of the biggest issues facing Malawi right now. Malawian girls are tired of bumping their heads on the glass ceiling. Depending on what they find at the dump, boys can earn $70 a year, while girls are still on barely US$50 or more, for what is basically the same work," young Ntondo told the ShadowLands.

"One of the last things my best friend Biwa said before he starved to death, is that it was so unfair to that some people were claiming this is just a PR stunt following the break up of her marriage, or a pale imitation of what Oprah did in South Africa. He did say, however, that it seemed it a bit odd that she was asking for donations from fans.

"Feminism is not a monolith, nor is it a dogma. Hostile and benevolent sexism consistently emerge as separate but positively correlated factors. In Malawi in particular, metaphysical clarity is needed or feminist paradigms run the risk of becoming easily ignored or refuted assertions.

"Basically, if school lunch is provided you can cut my nuts off and call me Louise," Mr Banda concluded.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, MM! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

If Bob "Save the World" Geldoff can charge $100,000 to speak at a poverty conference in Australia and demand 1st class airfare, food & lodging to boot, then it it is OK by me to have MADonna get her fans to pay for her publicity stunts.