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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Frizz grows inward

In case you were wondering why there is nothing at all a bit too cosy about the partner of Australia's Deputy PM being given a job as Ambassador for Men's Health, here's Annabel Crabb:
"I have used the shampoo and I am thrilled and terrified in equal measures by something called Drench, which promises to 'Tame frizzle (sic) or damaged hair, fast'...

Janette Howard used to get a bit of flak for not doing enough of this stuff. But when she did, she sure as hell never had to put up with this sort of treatment."
Just a few points. Mathieson is the un-married partner of the Deputy PM - not the PM. The equivalent person in the Howard Government was Wendy Vaile, who was never given similar appointments.

The only Government position Janette appears to have received over 11 years was patronage of the National Portrait Gallery - something of a little less importance than health.

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