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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No accounting for Kevin

In these dark and difficult days, it's good to know Australia has Kevin
Rudd, PM, crunching the numbers for us on the international
(see the last question):
"Did you agree with Hu that you should expedite the conclusion of the agreement in light of the global financial crisis? And what were some of the stumbling blocks, if any, that you addressed with him, could you identify and what progress did you make?

PM: That’s four questions Tony."
(BTW Get to the end to be rewarded with one of Kevin's trademark endings.)


kae said...

He's such a 'tard.

kae said...

Why doesn't he say he has to klunk.

He's a klunk.

Word ver: gatort

Rather appropriate I thought.

Anonymous said...

I make it three questions and an inquisitorial observation begging a response.