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Friday, November 14, 2008

How did it fail?

"I would like to thank everybody who came out to see our dram-edy about autism, including all the poo and tampons and everything..."

The scriptwriter of "The Black Balloon", Australia's most successful box office film since 2006 - which somehow still lost money - at the Inside Film Awards.

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Anonymous said...

I've grown accustomed to Australian critics praising our film and theatre, only to find that the films are crap, or about crap. And theatre can be so incredibly crass and biassed, to wit "Two Brothers".
That's not to say I have never enjoyed an Australian film, but things like "Proof", "All Men Are Liars" and "Love Serenade" were some years ago now. Films which over-promise and under-deliver are a fact of life, however.
"Lantana" was written up as if it were the new "War & Peace" but had just one memorable line.
Wife to husband who has just admitted a liaison and said he met someone:
"The trick is not meeting someone!"