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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prison cramps my style: Milat

REUTERS: In a video released today, Ivan Milat said that imprisonment in Goulburn Supermax Correctional Prison is making it hard for him to get on with his life.

The convicted mass murderer said he was very worried that he may be expected to serve the life sentence he was convicted for.

"Sure, I killed some young foreigners, but that's pretty much what David Hicks was trying to do just a few years ago. Should I be punished because I was more successful?" he said. "Plus Hicks took up arms against his own country, which is something I never did.

"I call on useful idiots everywhere to get behind my campaign," Mr Milat concluded.


Boy on a bike said...

The really tragic thing is that the NSW prison system is the only effective arm of government in this state. Too effective if you ask me - it runs well enough to have kept Milat alive all these years.

Perhaps we could swap some executives from the prison department to the health department? The health people are very good at killing patients, whilst the prison people are very effective at keeping people alive.

Anonymous said...

Dawood pleads:
“Basically, I didn’t know which end of a tank needed guarding. It’s just as confusing as those RPG launchers which are a tube open at both ends. Mortars are better as there’s a plate at the back end. True, I did shoot hundreds of rounds at the Indian Kashmiris, hoping to kill some infidels, but really, as I squinted through the gunsights, my mind was at the AFL.”