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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two hour vigil successful

So-called Tim Blair had this to say on November 18:

"The single most reliable meteorological phenomenon known to humankind is that which delivers hilariously cold weather whenever global warming alarmists gather."

Rising Tide Australia had this to say on November 23:

"The Eraring protest rally was a success, however the 9 day vigil has been canceled due to various circumstances including terrible weather."

Other reasons would appear to be that hardly anyone showed up (only about 50 in the very brief sunshine they enjoyed on Saturday).


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. How sad. Never mind.

Boy on a bike said...

Climate caused it to be called off early?

Maybe the stinky micro-climate in their armpits might be more to blame. No congestion of hippies can last for long. The lack of soap does them in after a while.