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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Protesters achieve 90 per cent reduction

2007: Australians in 60 cities and towns have taken to the streets today to ask the major political parties to make a stronger commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The national day of action aimed to draw attention to global warming and pressure the political parties to address the issue.

The Nature Conservation Council says about 100,000 people took part in Walk Against Warming marches across Australia...

In Sydney, a crowd of more than 20,000 gathered in the Domain, where they were addressed by Greens Senator Bob Brown and Federal Opposition Environment spokesman Peter Garrett.

2008: About 2,000 people have marched through central Sydney as part of a national day of protest action on global warming.

Note: The 2008 protest was organised by the same group - so this is apples being compared with apples. Today in Sydney it is 4 degrees below average. Australia's carbon emissions target is being announced tomorrow.

UPDATE: From ninemsn:

"A colourful crowd showed up in Martin Place, despite the grey skies. Some were dressed as polar bears. Others wore windmills on their backs...

John Mobbs, 73...added he wasn't sure if the government would take the walk seriously."


Boy on a bike said...

I think this is known as the "short attention span" effect.

What I want to know is this - what is the latest fad that these wingnuts have latched onto?

Margo's Maid said...

I think you're right BOAB. Other factors: they lied outrageously about numbers last year, and this year they couldn't really bring the giant Howard puppet heads. Also it was the kind of weather that made you want to stay home, snuggle up and watch a DVD.

Anonymous said...

Unruly Mobbs should be kept off the streets.