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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great minds...

A few weeks ago, one of the ShadowLands' favourite columnists, Mr John Butler of the John Butler Trio castigated Australian film types for producing lousy movies. As John wrote:
"One really simple clue comes from looking at the images in the last link [here]. All of the actors in the unsuccessful Australian films appear to be suffering from a near fatal combination of insomnia and constipation, while the actors in the American film appear to be happy. Is it a coincidence that the last successful Australian film was called 'Happy Feet'?"
Now an Australian film type has finally come out and said much the same thing - even better, uttered the profanity that Australian film-makers are not owed a living. Credit where it's due to President of the Screen Producers' Association, Mr Antony Ginnane:
"If they premiered most of the Australian movies of the past 24 months on a plane, people would be walking out in the first 20 minutes ..."

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