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Monday, November 17, 2008

The General Than Shwe Poetry Competition

The ShadowLands is delighted to announce the Senior General Than Shwe Poetry Competition in support of Saw Wai and Nay Phone Latt. To get the ball rolling, The ShadowLands offers two modest examples of what we are looking for - Ahem:
The person of Senior General Than Shwe
Looks like an obese chimpanzee
Has had sex with an elf
Or maybe himself
And created some monstrosity.
and this:

There once was a persistent murmur
that General Than Shwe, that old life affirmer
was planning a wedding
to give his daughter a bedding
to experience what he's done to Burma

Any further entries are more than welcome in comments.


Boy on a bike said...

Breakfast for Senior General Than Shwe
Is not accompanied by coffee
He does have a cup
And he does fill it up
But it's a pint of his own wee

Margo's Maid said...

Outstanding, thanks BOAB!

Starmandala said...

Hard to resist when offered the opportunity to compose political limericks. Let's see...

Hello and ahoy there, General Tan Shwe...
Stop playing with your pistol now and look at me.
So do you know who I am,
You putrid hunk of ham?
Too late to panic, I am Death,
and you shall die at the count of three!

Boy on a bike said...

The town of old Rangoon
Is run by a loopy loon
That tub of lard
Can only get hard
By eating shit from a rusty spoon