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Friday, July 25, 2008

Got to run

So you are afraid that if you say "ease the squeeze" or "close the gap" one more time someone will assault you, and you don't want to be asked difficult questions. How do you terminate a press conference without seeming evasive or rude? Take it away Kevster:

"Having said that, we need to get to Cairns because we are going to be late for a civic reception. Got to run folks."

"We have got to board a plane. Last one."

"We’ve got to run. Thanks very much."

"I think I’d better zip. That was about it, got to run."

"Just to conclude on that, because Cabinet is still going and we should actually be there, it would be a good idea, and I’d just like to conclude and I’m very concerned about the little girl out here in the sun without a hat."

Julia Gillard: "OK, in the words of Kevin Rudd: I’ve got to zip."

1 comment:

daddy dave said...

I guess answering questions for journalists is a tedious and second-rate task for a prime minister.