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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Butler's amazing prediction streak continues

The ShadowLands' favourite celebrity columnist, John Butler of the John Butler Trio has nailed it yet again with another of his predictions.

This is his column from October 2008:
After some deliberation, I would like to put it on the record that my money is that while Government spending is likely to go into deficit, Australia will not go into recession (that being, two quarters of contraction), nor have an unemployment rate that exceeds 7 per cent. There it is.
Butler's prediction that Government spending would go into deficit came way true. His prediction that Australia would not go into technical recession is still holding up (at least for the next six months), and his prediction for unemployment is also still holding up, although probably looking a bit fragile.

Butler explained his methodology in his October column thus:
And how can I be so sure? Economic modelling? Advice from experts?

The reason is simple. Most people who believe that the current economic crisis will have major ramifications are a collection of AGW believers, English Pravda blog contributors, and Larvatus Prodeo commenters. Rest assured, these retards are wrong about everything.
Asked to update his economic forecasts, Butler told us to "stop hassling me, man" and that he will be analysing the latest predictions by retards and reporting back exclusively to readers of the ShadowLands within a week or so.

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