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Friday, June 5, 2009

Our new theme tune

Over its brief existence, this blog has had two theme tunes.

The first, the 2008 Azerbaijan entry in the Eurovision song contest, was chosen to reflect our status as dark, brooding, cutting edge and perhaps a bit scary.

However, there comes a time when you have to move a bit more mainstream, and that's when we chose Captain and Tenille to provide our new theme tune. This tune also reflected how former Blair commenters-turned bloggers were sticking together.

Sincere thanks to each of these talented artists for inadvertently allowing us to use their music.

The ShadowLands is proud to unveil our new theme song by Pink Martini. This group first came to the attention of our crack team of Australian musicologists when they provided the music to an ad for Cherry Ripes...mmmh.

This, another of their tunes, was chosen because it clearly reflects the high level of sophistication of this website. We are also impressed with the chorus of the tune, which roughly translates to:

"I don't want to work,
I don't want to lunch,
I want only to forget,
And then I smoke"
Many thanks to Pink Martini and Philip Morris International for making it all possible.


Egg said...

Most befitting your quality establishment, MM.

Egg said...

Caught young (Afro-?) Aussie, Ash Grunwald? Has a folk-Hendrix sound.