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Friday, June 5, 2009

ShadowLands' Public Policy Unit: a backgrounder

Hey, you think we do this blogging thing just for the fun of it? At the ShadowLands, we aim to change the world!

The ShadowLands' Public Policy Unit* is quickly gaining a reputation as having the most influential PPU of any blog, and that's not just because we can't think of any others.

Here are just a few recommendations from our Public Policy Unit, including submissions to:

* the Department of Climate Change (and a background story here).

* the Productivity Commission's inquiry into opening up the book market.

* Our submission to the Senate Select Committee on Climate Change, who ultimately agreed with our suggestion that the whole ETS thing could be at least be delayed.

* The ShadowLands Public Policy Unit is proudly funded by some shadowy multi-national organisations.


bingbing said...

The DCC.

Do they have policy memos on what to set the aircon at? Meetings about tinting the windows? Is there a three sheets warning posted on the inside of the dunny door?

Egg said...

'Do they have policy memos on what to set the aircon at?'

Isn't the policy steering committee in its seventh sitting to issue a policy on this?

And by the way, they're fresh out of Iced Vovos ...

bingbing said...

The Vovos aren't iced any more. Global warming took care of that.