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Friday, June 19, 2009

Used car salesman implicated in Rudd shame

REUTERS: A Queensland used car salesman has been implicated in a scandal where he may have had business dealings with the Prime Minister and/or possibly the Treasurer of Australia.

The Used Car Association of Australia has called for an independent inquiry into the matter, which has the potential to bring used car salesmen into disrepute.

A spokesman for the UCAA, Mr Waldo Speedowinder, said the inquiry would be given full powers to investigate the situation.

"If we find it at all to be true that our Member has been involved with these people, he will be expelled from the used car profession immediately," Mr Speedowinder said. "From there it is likely he will have only one option - and that's to become a journalist."

1 comment:

Mehaul said...

Imagine if the image of used car salesmen is raised by a finding that determines that the PM has used gutter politics to further his career at the expense of the used car industry. Every used car has a silver lining.