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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why lefties support Ahmadinejad

with John Butler of the John Butler Trio

Is it just me or does it seem to you that there is a distinct lack of enthusiasm from the left of the blogosphere about the prospect of a revolution in Iran?

Take this luke warm comment at leftie blog, Larvatus Prodeo for example:
Without dipping into the links provided, I am apprehensive at the prospect of violence resulting from this vote and the respective claims of the two leaders. I hope I’m wrong as I believe the west has been quite disparaging of Iran’s attempts at democratic government.
Conservative blogs are all over it, posting stories, links and photos everywhere. Left wing blogs by comparison generally have little if anything to say on the matter. Go on - try, for example, Michael Moore's website. You lefties are into revolutions aren't you Michael? Michael?...

So what it all boils down to is this:

The left are willing to support - or at least, will not vocally oppose - a regime that hangs and oppresses women and gays, and that has supported violence against Israel and is now moving into the nuclear age.

And why would this be so? Ultimately because Ahmadinejad's anti-semitic and anti-US ideology is more precious to lefties than any other belief that they may claim to hold.


bruce said...

"as I believe the west has been quite disparaging of Iran’s attempts at democratic government."

Note the weasel word 'attempts'.

Would the Soviet Union perhaps also qualify as a similar 'attempt at democratic government' for this writer?

No I will not join LP to 'debate' with dissembling weasels.

blogstrop said...

MM, you've forgotten that the left has a complete monopoly on compassion, moral high ground, insight, empathy, and knowledge of what makes super-nanny-states work.
In most cases the virtues mentioned above require a regime immune to the strictures of adverse public comment.
Force can be used in the service of these virtues to achieve a more caring, more proletarian-friendly, level playing field of statedom.
Enemies of the state must be dealt with expeditiously.

Mehaul said...

Will the liberal MSM in the USA lead on this story if violence continues in Iran? Or will they wait for the giant enormous O to tell us the right way? I can't wait.