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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Passing Shadows

The ShadowLands is currently battling the flu, which may slow us down for a few days. In the meantime:

* Some years ago, KFC launched a summer advertising campaign in Australia for a "Cricketer's Box" meal apparently unaware that cricketers refer to this piece of apparatus as a "box". Now we are seeing another advertising campaign with the potential for cultural misunderstandings.

* Life is awesome in Pyongyang, with dancing parties being the order of the day.

* A dumber than usual Price is Right contestant.

* Scroll down to see how to win Prince of Peugeot.


Anonymous said...

what sort of glasses do you need to read this site?
Only a few words in green here and there.

RebeccaH said...

Be well, Maid of Margo.

Minicapt said...

When you visit a IE-compliant site with a Windows-certified computer, great and wonderous things happen.


daddy dave said...

get well soon margos.

Anonymous said...

Passes the tissues to you.


ps.s I take it it's swine?

Anonymous said...

So mini? You think you are some kind of a computer expert because you managed to reinstall Windows once!
I'm not alone having difficulty reading with MM's blog at times, and have no problem with any other.
Don't be so condescending you puffed up conceited arshole!

Egg said...

Well wishes.
Margo will have to get another 'woman in three times a week'? ;)'

Minicapt said...

"... you puffed up conceited ars[e]hole ..."
Not being a Windows expert, I have no idea what you might be inferring.


blogstrop said...

Lots of things happening and MM has flu, while the Bolta has tagged along to Israel with Julia and Peter - the latter must be wondering about his timing too!
Back to work tomorrow MM?

Margo's Maid said...

If I were a dog they would have put me down, but am slowly on the improve. Posting to recover slowly.

Michael Lonie said...

That advertizing campaign should provide much amusement there in Oz. Considering the use of slang in Strine there will be unfortunate cultural misunderstandings in any attempt to communicate between English speakers and Strine speakers.