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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The truth about the detention centres

We are way, way late to this discussion but a link from kae has alerted us to this sensational article by a former immigration detention officer at Port Hedland in north western Australia. It is absolutely full of revelations that - because the media had certain points of view - you will never find anywhere else.

Just a few of his observations:
Another weakness of the Australian system is its appeal as a source of funding for some rather nasty organizations. A case in point was the Sri Lankan Tamils. Almost without exception they were young men, sent by the Tamil Tigers military to provide funding for further operations.
One family in particular was involved in a major riot. During this riot one of our pregnant female officers was struck, and lost her child, shattering her mentally. Mum was breaking up pavers, the 2 younger kids were running them forward, and dad and the 2 oldest boys were throwing them.
Another incident was the witnessed molestation of a small girl. The father refused to lay charges, and it was my strong belief he was pimping her out. As the family refused to lay charges the matter was dropped.
On relations with detainees:

Nearly every group of uni ladies that visited ended up screwing a detainee in the visitor’s yard...

I know of at least one escape facilitated by a female “care bear” officer who had allowed herself to be seduced by a male detainee.

On the ABC:
They were never reporters but advocates. They saw fit to send up a media crew to cover a protest by 15 individuals, but never panned the camera back to show how few were there.
And his conclusions
This will shock many, but Ruddock did the most humane thing in the world.

He stopped the boats...

The single greatest stopper of the boats wasn’t the excision of parts of Australia or the Pacific Solution. It was the introduction of the temporary protection visa. Mr Evans’ first action as immigration minister was to reverse that decision...

I sent a submission to the new immigration minister when it was called for last year, offering advice and answers to any questions he and his staff might have on immigration detention issues. I received back a terse reply along the lines of “your experiences are out of date and irrelevant and won’t be considered."


blogstrop said...

Most of the PC crap we are now saddled with has been introduced without reference to the real people on the ground. Unless they are useful in branch stacking or contributing funds to campaign coffers they can be ignored - at least until their votes hit the bllot box

Anonymous said...

"Nearly every group of uni ladies that visited ended up screwing a detainee in the visitor’s yard..."

I understand that well known reffo activist and moonbat Marilyn Shepherd had a penchant for the odd bit of Iraqi sausage, if you know what I mean.

Those poor, poor asylum seekers...