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Monday, June 22, 2009

Whingeing for winners

The ShadowLands has finally received a response from the ABC to a complaint we made in April about this story. The complaint has been dismissed, but its existence might have spawned this story - which goes to say it might still have been worth it - although, as usual, the story is slanted by bad headline writing. It would be terrific to see, however, if they can publish any story about Israeli military actions without this phrase:

"The Israeli military's public relations machine has gone to great lengths to justify the three-week war, even posting a five-and-a-half minute animated video on YouTube."
I doubt somehow that they have ever made reference to the "Palestinian public relations machine". There is an opportunity to make a further complaint, which we'll be considering very carefully. The ShadowLands previously made complaints about an item that has now received two corrections.

Here follows the email trail:

Dear MM

Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay in responding.

While noting your comments, the ABC cannot agree that the ABC News Online report War shocked Gaza children want to die was biased. The ABC Code of Practice states that balance will be sought, but may not always be achieved within a single program or publication; it will be achieved as soon as reasonably practicable and in an appropriate manner.

As you may be aware, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) does not respond to media inquiries in specific cases, but its defence of its actions in the recent conflict in Gaza has been reported by ABC News Online.

This report covers Israel’s justification for maintaining the blockade on Gaza.

These reports cover Israel’s investigation into its military’s conduct in Gaza.

The ABC is committed to providing comprehensive and fair coverage of events in the Middle East, from a wide range of perspectives over time. The ABC believes that balance is achieved in keeping with the provisions of its Code of Practice.

Please be assured that your comments have been brought to the attention of ABC News management.

Yours sincerely

Some Doofus Pretending to be Polite
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs

Dear Sir/Madam

Anne Barker's April 13 report "War shocked Gaza children want to die" was clearly biased because it failed to include a comment from Israel.

A number of previous claims by Palestinians (such as the Jenin massacre) have since proven to be false. However, you failed to even give the Israelis a chance to comment on this case.

Iran and the Taliban in Pakistan are on the cusp of obtaining nuclear weapons - and biased reports like this are used in islamic forums as justifications against attacks on Israel.

Whether or not it's covered in your editorial policies - that's why you have a moral responsibility to get responses from each side.

Yours sincerely

MM - also pretending to be polite


daddy dave said...

I don't know if you checked them out, but the links the doofus provided are appallingly anti-israel. The headline of one of them is "Rights groups question Israeli war probes."

The other contains the following line by an ABC journalist: "The Israeli military's PR machine has gone to great lengths to justify its three-week war in Gaza."

These articles are JUST AS BIASED (in the same direction) as the one you complained about. Doofus Bureaucrat (DB) must have understood this. I'd say the inclusion of those stories was a way of saying "stuff you."

Margo's Maid said...

I agree with you DD, though there are signs that someone is looking over her shoulder at least. Most interesting is this item with the correction already made at the bottom by an editor:

Minicapt said...

So, there's a story about to be published on the travails of Sderot? As at:

Also, "Human Rights Watch says only an external and independent inquiry can uncover the truth." Details???