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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Asylum grantees' bike pleas go unheeded

REUTERS: Dozens of asylum grantees in suburban Melbourne are on hunger strike in protest at the time it takes applications for free bikes to be processed.

A spokeswoman from the Coalition for Refugees said some grantees had stopped eating on Friday and urged others to join in.

"Although it is true that some bikes are available now, many of them do not appear to have carbon fibre struts, kevlar tyres, or onboard computers. All of them also appear not to have engines. It must only be a matter of time before lip-sewing commences," the spokeswoman concluded.


kae said...

Can't get what you want? Throw a tanty.

Works for these maladjusted pieces of human refuse.

Sorry, it just annoys me so much.

Boy on a bike said...

Sheesh. One handout after another.

My father-in-law arrived from Croatia with only the clothes on his back. His first means of transport was a pushbike - which he paid for himself.

Bikes these days cost nothing, thanks to China. Asylum seekers showed enough grit and determination to get as far as Australia - why do they need to be spoonfed once they arrive?