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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Secret safe

The latest in the very occasional series suggesting that not all celebrities are dickheads...

The ShadowLands has learnt from a reliable source that on at least one occasion when Nicole Kidman visited Sydney Children's Hospital, she left a cheque for one million bucks with the staff. The donation was made on the proviso that it not be disclosed to the media.


blogstrop said...

Just as well you're not the media, MM!

bruce said...

I worked at the Childrens Hospital for near 7 years, and it is indeed a place to spot celebrities. I can tell you that Jacko's head is too small for his body, that Helen Wellings is tiny and looks 16 yrs, that Duchess Fergie is actually a very attractive very petite redhead 5 ft nothing. And I got to help Monty do the weather one morn (remember him?).

And Don Burke never does shut up about gardening. Hmmm, who else?