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Monday, October 20, 2008

Carbon Expo '08

Climate change is a global challenge, and a global issue.

The Gold Coast (pictured) is a city that is part of the global world in which we live.

That's why The ShadowLands encourages you to attend Australia's first Carbon Market Expo.Headlined by Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong, the Expo will be attended by speakers from Bonn, London, Brussels, India, Manila, Shanghai, Oslo, USA, New Zealand, as well as a host of organisations that choose not to divulge their main address.

Also prominent in getting a piece of the action will be the ABC's own Tony "Mr Sustainability" Jones, acting as moderator. The event will climax with the presentation of industry sustainability awards.

Modest villas may be obtained at a special rate at Jupiters Casino.

Why not get there early and enjoy Gold Coast Indy or hang around a little longer for schoolies week? The ShadowLands says - Get yourself along, or we will torch some old growth forest!

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blogstrop said...

Wong Again was on the 4 Corners exhose of governments buying up evaporating assets back o' Bourke. After saying that they had acted on "advice" she was asked whose advice, but could not remember. She looked quite pained by the experience!