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Friday, October 17, 2008

Rudd speaks

Former Labor Leader Kim Beazley was infamous for speaking in a way that was too complicated.

Kim Beazley never got to be Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd has made another speech.

He has learnt from Kim's mistakes.

But he went too far.

It is full of repetition.

Often mindless, mindless repetition.

Kevin's speech writer thinks that by having four sentences in a row that start with "It is..." he is creating a similar effect to Churchill fighting them on the beaches, or Luther King having a dream.

He is mistaken.

He is wrong.

He is a dickhead.

And therefore, so is Kevin.

Two sentences cannot go together.

To make a paragraph.

Because that would be wrong.

It is full of cliches, because he is in it for the long haul, is not offering blank cheques, and we are still in harm's way.

And there are some supremely stupid sentences.

"I would also argue that we must make progress."

And many that are not sentences at all.

That is all.


Egg said...

Kev is a cliche ...

blogstrop said...

Comments working? Try again.
Never in the field of conflicted humanists has so much been skimmed by so few from so many. We will fight in the bourses, we will fight in the super funds, we will probably never sequester (retire).

daddy dave said...

On the money, Margos.
The way he talks - artificial, awkward, and in disjointed soundbites - is going to wear thin. He needs to get a better speechwriter before the next election cycle, or Malcolm will wipe the floor with him.