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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Epstein, Gartrell and the others

MEDIA RELEASE: The Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd has paid tribute to Tim Gartrell, David Epstein and six other staff of the PMs department who all suddenly resigned in recent months.

"Well, I am still waiting for reports on all of their names since I am just off the phone with the Prime Minister of Japan, but some of them have put in up to six months' valuable service in my office," Mr Rudd declared. "Well...on behalf of the Government and the people of Australia I record our deep appreciation for their sometimes months of service to this great country and wish them all the best for their future. I have to go now."

Mr Gartrell, Epstein and the other ones all recorded their appreciation of Mr Rudd.

"We all couldn't be happier with our time working for Mr Rudd - sometimes for months at a stretch," they said in unison. "Our predominant feeling today is joy tinged with sadness - joy for the tremendous work we have done, and sadness that it had to suddenly come to an end," they all said.


Egg said...

If they can stick it out for 12 months, do they get a gold watch on leaving?

Boy on a bike said...

First stop are leaving office - a re-education camp.

bruce said...

They sit together playing chess in a cafe, when this song comes over the radio -

"Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree."

isn't that it?