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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rove escapes - this time

A protester by the name of Janine Boneparth has narrowly failed to handcuff mastermind of world events, Karl Rove.

Looks like Mr Rove was very fortunate to avoid the clutches of the group, known as Code Pink, who were also involved in this protest (Warning - Not Safe for Viewing by Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.)


Anonymous said...

xxx 1.6

Anonymous said...

What did we ever do to you?

You are cruel and merciless.


daddy dave said...

these a-holes will go after the right if they get into power. Expect their political opponents - people like Rove, Bush, etc - to be imprisoned or handed over for trials by the UN.

Oh, but there are no historical parallels for that, and if you try to claim that there are then you are mocked for invoking "Godwin's Law."
(the smartass leftist's law that says, in effect, that we're not allowed to learn from history)