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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Canada - a North American nation famed as the place to go if you don't get the election result you want in your own country - is having its own election over the next 24 hours.

The liveliest Canadian blog I have come across, Small Dead Animals, notes that one of the bizarre rituals of media control imposed by this nation's regulators is the banning of live blogging of the event. However, for those seeking to keep up to date, international blogs like this one will be exempt.

It is unclear where Canadians will go if they don't get the election result they want.

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

I believe Alaska has a lot to offer the forsaken, the lovelorn and the misfits whose party never gets elected, or at least those who always feel like losers whatever the result of the election. Tough love will instill in them a self-reliance, a cool (or perhaps frigid) calm, and teach them the value of snow shoes and marksmanship. Or perhaps domestic oil.