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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Deadline set

Dear MM

Unfortunately the Department of Climate Change cannot publish your submission as it contains offensive language.

Yours sincerely

[Some poor chick from the DCC]

Dear [Some poor chick from the Department of Climate Change]

You have my full permission to remove any sentences containing profanity. Please let me know if this submission is to be published, by Monday 27 October. If there is no agreement to publish by this time, I will be approaching the Ombudsman for adjudication.

Yours sincerely



Boy on a bike said...

Dear DCC

The whole idea of climate change is offensive, so what is your fucking point?

daddy dave said...

I didn't know "bugger all" was considered profanity these days. If it's good enough for prime time commercials, it's good enough for the DCC.