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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Climate change cuts achieved

The ShadowLands noted that the number of protesters attending a national protest day of action in Sydney during November fell by 90 per cent.

Yesterday's march in London achieved similar impressive cuts. In 2007, 15,000 protesters braved freezing rain to attend the march. This year, although there was no rain, the numbers were as few as 5,000.


Boy on a bike said...

Question of the day:

Are number dropping because interest is flagging, or are the more serious advocates of global warming cutting their CO2 emmissions by refusing to travel anywhere, including to protest marches?

Perhaps there are 90,000 people out there who have decided to walk from home to the march, and they are still on the road, wearing out the soles on the birkenstocks and wondering where they can stock up on mungbeans?

Margo's Maid said...

A couple of reasons why protest numbers are going down, I reckon BOAB.

The protesters who did show up last year in the freezing temperatures didn't want to do it again, and protest organisers probably lied about their numbers to the media the previous year.

blogstrop said...

I blame Boris!