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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kevin's job as the Government

How do you deflect difficult questions with meaningless generalisations? Australian PM, Kevin Rudd knows his job.

"Our job as a community is to do whatever we can to soften the blow.
Our job is to make a difference.
Our job in the economy is to provide continued support for growth.
Our job as the Government is to continue to support economic activity through the measures that I have outlined.
It is our job as a responsible national government to help where we can.
It is our job as a Labor Government and as a responsible national Government to make sure that those who need that practical level of assistance, get it.
Our job as a Government is to provide leadership...Our job is to provide that leadership.
Part of our job is to make sure the information gets out there about when people are being ripped off.
Our job as the Government is to make sure that we have got the best policy in place. Our job is to turn the corner... Our job is to try and help that work in a practical way.
Our job isn’t just to maintain what was built in the past.
And our job is to try and support people and families and businesses and the general economy as much as possible.
Our job is to get the balance right.
Our job in government is to make it as easy as possible to do business.
Our job is to ensure that we provide strong, decisive action to maintain the overall strength of the economy.
Our job is to maintain that difference which exists between our conditions and those around the rest of the world, and to do what is necessary to achieve that.
And our job is to do whatever we can to help families who find themselves in these horrible circumstances.
Our job is to make sure that the core of the system is healthy.
Our job as a Government has been to make the job of the Reserve Bank as easy as possible."


blogstrop said...

"... and, my job is to spend Christmas with my family back home while you stay here, in a rotten place that looks nothing like the nubile-infested Gold Coast. I'm leaving the bat and ball, but I'm outa here!"
He really has a way with words.

Margo's Maid said...

As you say 'strop, Rudd's speech to the troops really was amazing. You might die while I'm at home this Christmas - what a morale booster.