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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arctic summer round up

With the Arctic melt season now over, a few facts have emerged.

* The Arctic Summer of 2008 was colder than 2007;
* The Greenland ice sheet appears to be moving more slowly;
* Ice in Alaska's Tanana River took longer than average to break up;
* The chap who attempted to kayak to the north pole was stopped by ice 1000 kilometres short. (He would have made it further in 1979, the year when satellite images commenced.)
* Arctic sea ice grew faster than ever recorded in October 2008, being approximately 25 per cent larger in extent than at the same time in 2007.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, in the sub-Arctic zones...

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Bob Brownmilne-Putt said...

Global Warming is deceptive. Sometimes it retreats and wants a truce. But watch out, because it is regrouping for another offensive. A decade of no warming does not mean no warming. And don't for a moment think that Australia's (soon to be only) 1% contribution to CO2 belch is an insignificant thing. Just as the fact that CO2 is an infini-pissimal proportion of the atmosphere any reason for complacency. This evil pollutant is what we humans, the ultimate pollutant are made of, and the sooner we all off ourselves and leave the earth to recover, the better off the original inhabitant flora and fauna will be. No more stolen generations of hybrids in suburban garden centres. No more artificial so-called "Santa Gertrudis" beef breeds. No more wheat instead of wild grasses.
Even if the ice does come back it may be a cleansing agent which snap freezes the accumulated mistakes of the ultimate mutants: humanity!