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Monday, December 22, 2008


What are your predictions for 2009? Here is a rag-bag of mine:

* Following the success of the new Guns n Roses album, China to take its first tentative steps towards democracy;

* A long cold winter in both north and southern hemispheres;

* A few prominent supporters of AGW to fall off the wagon;

* Some solutions for carbon emissions to be put forward, but dismissed by environmentalists who kind of like this whole moral crisis thing;

* Premiership winning teams of 2008 to fail to win in 2009 following a horror run with injuries;

* The AFL to use the GFC as an excuse to abandon plans to establish a second Sydney AFL team (after they receive market research showing it was always a bad idea);

* The Global Financial Crisis to be blamed for everything;

* Mugabe to leave Zimbabwe one way or another, but an idiot of equal douchebaggery to emerge from another country (Uganda looks like a good bet at this stage);

* ShadowLands readership to exceed that of Tim Blair's website. (His old website, that is, not his current one, obviously.)

* Barack Obama to make some major gaffes that are ignored by the mainstream media.

* Signs of economic recovery by the end of the year, but American auto industry to continue to go downhill;

* Kevin Rudd to get less keen on carbon trading as the next election approaches;

What are your 2009 predictions?


Boy on a bike said...

Julia Gillard takes over when Krudd refuses to return from an overseas trip.

blogstrop said...

I, for one, will welcome our new readership.
I predict that the Liberal Party will get a spine transplant, but it might be rejected by the parliamentary corpus liberali, who are confused about what opposition really means.
Gradually they may learn that polls are not holy writ, and that keeping too low a profile means you are not just below the radar but a non-event in PR terms.
If they summon up enough courage to be AGW denialists they might carve out a larger niche, and, eventually, a mandate.
Greg Hunt cannot do this for them.
Disunity is still death, just in case they haven't noticed
Failing to recognise - and go with - a viable leader is also death, but they failed to recognise that, so here we are.

blogstrop said...

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, MM. Keep on keeping on!

Egg said...

Bob Brown caught smoking (someone else's) meat ...

blogstrop said...

Another bold prediction: the ABC will either completely ignore this new program, or will show it then dismember it with a selected panel, but only after Tony Jones has flown around the world to personally do a negative interview with the program's maker.