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Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't say you weren't warned

The ShadowLands has written to Mr Kevin Rudd as follows:

Dear Mr Rudd

Last year before the election The Australian reported that:

'Mr Rudd said Labor would take asylum-seekers who had been rescued from leaky boats to Christmas Island, would turn back seaworthy vessels containing such people on the high seas, and would not lift the current intake of African refugees.

"You'd turn them back," he said of boats approaching Australia, emphasising that Labor believed in an "orderly immigration system" enforced by deterrence. "You cannot have anything that is orderly if you allow people who do not have a lawful visa in this country to roam free," he said.

"That's why you need a detention system. I know that's politically contentious, but one follows from the other. "Deterrence is effective through the detention system but also your preparedness to take appropriate action as the vessels approach Australian waters on the high seas." '

Now we read that illegal immigrants who arrive and manage to stay for a certain period will be set free. On top of this, we read that the Navy will not be patrolling the waters for two months this Summer.

Firstly, it looks like you lied.

Secondly, there's a great chance there will be an influx of refugees this Summer because of these lax policies, and a significant chance some may drown on the voyage.

If this happens, you and your government will largely be responsible. If and when it does, please don't call it a 'tragic accident' - as all good O,H&S people know, there is no such thing as an unavoidable accident.

Yours sincerely...


1 comment:

Boy on a bike said...

I don't think the Indo captains are big on doing a risk analysis before a voyage, holding a toolbox meeting and issuing PPE to all involved.

Can a sinking be called an "industrial accident" and the owner taken to court by the unions and fined under OH&S legislation?