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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Land of sweeping generalisations

Australia was a crap film, now visit the even crappier Tourism Australia website.

It's slow and it's full of inaccuracies. Try this one:

To start with, the didgeridoo (1.) is probably not the world's oldest musical instrument. Then at (3.):

"The world’s oldest known art was created around BP43,000 by Aboriginal people, who engraved animal images on rocks in the Olary region of South Australia."

Firstly, this is not true - other rock art around the world is older. Secondly, the date of 43,000 BP for the Olary site has subsequently not been supported by other studies - the best they can pinpoint is that the engravings are older than 30,000 years.

Now behold the quality of the writing (click along to number 3 here for this):

"Some 1.4million peopl had an involvement in visual art activity in 2007 – that’s up 79 per cent from 2004."

Then click along to 6 of this one for information overload.

Similarly, under "nature", it is asserted that kangaroos and emus cannot walk backwards.

Need we go on...

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