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Monday, December 22, 2008

and what have we done?

The ShadowLands will be taking a holiday for a few weeks, and be back (hopefully) in the single digits of January, possibly with a new template.

During the first seven months of operation, the ShadowLands has:

* told the story of how a senior public servant may have been leaking information during and following WWII (thanks stackja);

* was the only public journal of record that seemed to notice that Kevin Rudd's rationale for acting on climate change was wrong and got a government department to admit it;

* provided the only submission to Australia's Department of Climate Change to point it out;

* Provided a blow by blow accounts of action at the Poznan Climate Change Conference;

* Found the most sensational un-reported youtube video of the year;

* Followed the amazing journey of Lewis Pugh;

* was the first blog in the world to call the election of Barack Obama;

* Found the money trail of Snow Cone Tony Jones;

* hosted articles by a stellar cast of celebrities including John Butler, Cate Blanchett, Prof Tim Flannery, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad;

* Was thrown out of the Korean Friendship Association after making one post.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and general non-offensive greetings to all those who don't believe in such things until next year...

1 comment:

blogstrop said...

MM, yours is a truly admirable record of acievement. If only I could muster a cast of DPRK proportions we would launch a large rocket in your honour by a progressive showing of many 30cm square cards, held briefly towards the camera, each with a small detail of a grand animation.
That would show the so-called Friendship Association the wrong thinking which led them to that catastrophic faux pas in ejecting you from their hidebound and dogmatic cloister.