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Friday, January 9, 2009

Corrupt, debauched, debased...

perverted and depraved: all words that could rightfully be used in connection to blog awards in which The ShadowLands is not nominated.

But while we're on the subject, it may be worth scanning these blog awards, if only to check up on what's out there and register our haughty disdain.

Of note:

* The Timbonator leading the Australian field despite possibly being the only nominated blog that refuses to encourage anyone to vote, or even mention the awards. Last year Blair's blog won a narrower contest against Fairfax's Sam de Brito who, every year, all but offers each reader a line of Colombian marching powder in return for a vote. In addition to the fact that de Brito is a tool, the added readership from Blair's move to a News Ltd portal has seen a gap develop. This year a gadget website is giving Blair a run for his money, probably with the aid of amassed vengeful anti-Blair forces.

* Sacked from the Best Canadian Blog section because it wins too easily, Small Dead Animals is in the tough Best Conservative Blog section and making a pretty good fist of it with the help of some votes from The ShadowLands. It's a close run thing...

* A good old fashioned stoush in the Best Middle East or Africa blog currently being dominated by Israel supporters. While Michael Totten appears to have it won this year, The ShadowLands is voting for our Australian link, Israellycool - in our humble opinion, probably the best blog in any field at the moment in light of its proximity to events in Gaza. Most amusing is the instinctive victimhood and thumb-sucking by fellow nominee, Juan Cole who would have been a shoo-in for Best Unintentional Humour Blog had they seen fit to provide the category. Cole, who has previous form, is blaming Karl Rove.

* A perplexing lack of talent in nominations from the UK.

* And none of the nominations in the Humour category are a patch on Chase Me Ladies...

UPDATE: The Blairmeister caves to crushing pressure from the influential ShadowLands website to acknowledge the awards by urging readers to vote for Zoe Brain. Zoe has a fine blog and this would be a good outcome, but how influential will this timprimatur prove to be?

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blogstrop said...

Did Blair Cave?
1.618 always said he was spelunky, or something.