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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey, news types

As well as believing in a range of shamanic rituals involving marsupials, we at The ShadowLands have long believed that we lead the news agenda.

Well news folks - here is one of the most significant unreported news stories:

More than 3 million people around the world have now been born using in-vitero fertilisation techniques, and numbers are rapidly increasing. In Australia, as reported here, on average, one IVF conceived kid may now be found in every classroom.

People suffer from infertility for a range of reasons - but a significant percentage are infertile because of their genetics.

The development of IVF and other reproductive technologies means that in countries like Australia, there will be increasing numbers of people who inherit sub-fertility. It means that if your fertile child marries a genetically sub-fertile person (or "subbies" as I like to call them), your grandchildren and their offspring may be destined to never reproduce naturally. They and their children will become a permanent part of this sub-fertile population.

News reports about this are few and far between, presumably because labelling IVF children (or "clonies", as I like to call them) is seen as insensitive. Doctors in the field are unlikely to waste too much time discussing ethics, as they simply will not have much of it to waste, what with all the cashed up subbie clonies knocking on their doors.

And what will happen if this growing community does not have the cash to reproduce? Not to overstate things at all, but MM has seen the future and it looks like this...

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blogstrop said...

I'm amazed at the volume of spam devoted to "make your penis bigger" proposals. The absence of any "make your vagina smaller" ones means that the spammers have worked out that male insecurity is far more bonkable, er ... bankable.