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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The interesting life and times of Maqsood Alshams

A well-placed Bangladeshi friend of The ShadowLands, who wishes to remain anonymous, emails to say Maqsood Alshams' story is worth closer examination:

"He claims that he was forced to leave the country in mid 1995 when he was working for a news service patronised by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and also working as the party's adviser. He says he was forced to leave the country due to the threats of the opponent political terrorists and armed attacks on him. However his party was running the government from 1991-1996 with an almost two thirds majority.

I wonder why his party (the incumbent government) could not save him or give him protection? And with his press credentials he could not make an uproar in the local media? The then opposition Awami League got majority to form a government in an election in 1996 and was in office until 2001, which probably made his case stronger. BNP was re-elected in October 2001 with two third majority and governed till 2006."

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