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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Women's rights with Germaine

As usual, women around the world are facing some very serious issues.

Time to check in on what Germaine Greer has to say.

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blogstrop said...

Yes, women face these violent challenges in many countries without much fuss being made by the feministas.
The media, male and female, are getting way more exercised about violence being done to women and particularly children as the Gaza conflict enters its Qana Phase. You'll remember that in the 2006 Lebanon stoush, world opinion "piqued" after what turned out to be a staged photo-opportunity using actual dead kids, at Qana.
Now the world is being asked by the BBC and ABC to get worked up again about the kids being damaged in Gaza. Let's agree that kids are a sacred trust, and should be protected. That's a given. But in Gaza we have some history involving (i) A woman who has committed herself to providing numerous of her children as suicide bombers. Her achievements in this regard got her elected to whatever they call a government there; (ii) other incidents of kids with bomb belts attached, and photographs of kids so attired; (iii) the girl who went to bomb the Israel hospital which had treated her, despite her origins; (iv) the kids TV shows featuring Farfour Mouse and other abominations brainwashing the Gaza children into hatred of the jews.
If the Gazans cannot treat their own children as precious, why should the west allow them to use them as pawns in this grim PR dance?
And that's before we get seriously into honour killings, a practice unworthy of humans. If its true that you need to dehumanise your enemies before annihilating them ... well, some groups do this to themselves.