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Saturday, January 10, 2009

SMH falls for hoax

The Sydney Morning Herald has fallen for a scientific hoax by failing to check its facts, only three days after accusing conservative journal, Quadrant of the same thing.

Today, the SMH published an opinion piece, with the second last sentence reading as follows:

"Although Australia's small population means our overall contribution to greenhouse emissions is small, we remain the highest per capita emitter in the world, 35 per cent greater than the US according to a recent UN report."

However, there is no such report. Australia ranks about 13th and the United States about 10th. Google it - there is no United Nations report which says Australia has emissions 35 per cent higher than the United States, or any UN report that says Australia is the highest per capita emitter in the world.

Here is the direct link to the UN stats.


Boy on a bike said...

The hoaxer states:

"Climate sceptics are often conservatives and fear the prospect of large-scale government intervention more than the destruction of the human species."

Erm, no. I fear that we are going to waste a huge amount of time and effort over absolutely nothing. No, that's not quite right. I fear you lot are going to force me to waste my time and effort over absolutely nothing.

blogstrop said...

That woman who grows green things on her roof, and whom even Crikey doesn't want to endorse, will be right up the SMH over this!
Eventually. Do you think?