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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Problem solving in Gaza

Worried about the middle east? Feeling helpless? Wrongski- there is something you can do. It's time for flash games!!!!

This game can be enjoyed by budding Loewensteins who are into ironic political commentary, but you will find it is even better for blood-thirsty RWDBs.

UPDATE: MM accounted for 274 Palestinians in one game. Can you do better?


VB said...

I got 370 on my first go. The key is to keep ringing the US for aid and to up your productivity so you can build a new fighter plane every few seconds.

Margo's Maid said...

370? Well done, VB - I have not got close to that, although I figured out the call for aid part. Like you say, looks like the fighter plane is the way to go.

Ground troops are effective, but cost your percentage at the end of the day.

Margo's Maid said...

Thanks to VBs tips and my discovery of the increase productivity button, my new best is 490 Palestinians. Any betterers?

Ash said...

I got 581 Palestinians and 21 Israeli casualties. But that was only after reading the tips here.

Margo's Maid said...

Nice work, Ash...

Margo's Maid said...

Woah 940 Palestinians, 32 Israelis - gauntlet thrown!

bingbing said...


But with only 3 dead Israelis. That's 202 for every Israeli dead.

Gauntlet thrown! But don't tell Ash I said that (she just got a 228 ratio).

bingbing said...

It's the ratio.

594 pales.

2 Israelis.

A ratio of 297 to 1.

Gotta crack 300.

Margo's Maid said...

Outstanding work bing bing - is there a secret to scoring a high ratio?

bingbing said...

Missiles and cash. Planes in the meantime. And upgrade fast.

Just made the top 20 but shall leave the table.

606 dead Palestinians.

1 dead Israeli.

For a ratio of... do the math.

Listed at 20th under the handle "MichaelWareIsafuckwit".

Might be there for a few minutes, lol.