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Are you that special person who - weary from trudging the endless superhighways - just longs to camp next to a glorious oasis of the mind? Do you desire to explore new frontiers, splash in shared ideas, fill your belly with the refreshing fruits of inspiration, and bask in the gentle rays of fond reflection?

Well, you can fuck right off. This, my friends, is not that place. This place is... The ShadowLands.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last chance hotel

Small Dead Animals is fewer than 100 votes short in the Best Conservative Blog category. Do your worst ShadowLanders!

UPDATE: The Shadowlanche has had an effect! From 90 behind, SDA surges to a five vote lead last time I checked!

UPDATE II: Uh oh, behind by 50 again.

UPDATE III: and it looks like... a win!

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