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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calling all Sydney readers

The ShadowLands would be ultra-stoked and just a little surprised if any Sydney readers are able to catch a glimpse and report back to us on the jostling crowds at a pro-North Korea vigil at the Korean consulate from 4-6 pm tomorrow, Thursday May 14 at 111 Elizabeth Street.

Even better - if it is at all possible - to get a sneaky picture. There are sure to be some absolute retards there. Anyone who can manage this will be granted Life Membership of The ShadowLands, have all invoices torn up, and be granted some tacky mock-up online award.

In the meantime, Gateway reminds us what real torture looks like.

UPDATE: Doh, no takers. I'll see if I can find any reports.

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daddy dave said...

family commitments. sorry.