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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Energy levels replenished, new regions discovered

Despite receiving full rations yesterday and reportedly being super-keen to get out of their tent, the intrepid but not prohibitively intelligent explorers on the Catlin Expedition decided to spend another day inside. They took the opportunity to replenish their energy levels, drink hot chocolate and whiskey and:
Martin and Ann took the earliest opportunity to give their skin a breath of fresh air and slept naked inside their sleeping bags...
Boy, I bet that was a relief.

Another person who might have done well to spend a day replenishing his energy levels was Karl Stefanovic of Australia's Today Show following a big night at the television awards.


Minicapt said...

"As a result of the evaporation and condensation of steam, from the litres of water she boils every day, Ann has become accustomed to cooking up the daily rations with snow falling from the roof of the tent."

I was under the impression that these three had experience living in the Arctic. Apparently not.


Egg said...

It gets steamy in the tent when the flaps are spread?