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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The impossible quiz

This here impossible quiz is a time-wasting cryptic puzzle that will make you tear your hair out, but it's still not quite as impossible as the following puzzle (originally from Drybones and via Israellycool...)

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Minicapt said...

1. 'Palestine' was the name given by the Brits to the portion of 'Syria' not passed to the French. previously, it was known as the "Holy Land".
2. 'Palestinians' was the name for Jews who emigrated to 'Palestine'.
3. The original name for the 'Jerusalem Post' was the 'Palestine Post'.
4. The current crop of 'Palestinians' are descendants of emigrants who arrived in 'Palestine' between 1910 and 1947. A non-trivial number arrived after the establishment of the UNRWA camps in 1948.